Shieldfield Art Works

Newcastle & Gateshead

A project of the Methodist Church, Shieldfield Art Works believes art and creativity are integral to human life, and can enact positive change in our communities and the world. An artist-led organisation, it produces exhibitions, events and workshops.

Shieldfield Art Works operates on the intersection of contemporary art, theological reflection and community activism. As both an arts space and a project of the Methodist Church, it is committed to understanding how these three spheres can speak, interact and learn from each other.

Shieldfield Art Works’ broad programme includes developing high quality art exhibitions, events, workshops, conferences and publications. Although the organisation supports all forms of art making and development, socially-engaged art is integral to its ethos, and is often used to discuss, question and give voice to local and global issues.

The organisation has a longstanding commitment to its local community in Shieldfield, an area which has undergone rapid urban development. It works with people of all faiths and none – artists, schools, universities, community members, charities, churches, community groups and artistic collectives – and gladly welcomes people of all backgrounds to participate in its programme.