Botanical walk and drawing workshop

This unique botanical site is determined by the geological landscape underpinned by the Great Limestone and the minerals it contains along with the high altitude of the North Pennines. Plants here need to be hardy and have special properties to grow and survive the elements and tolerate the metal minerals in the earth, including lead. […]

Coastal SoundLab: Sunderland

Fulwell Sound Mirror was constructed during the first world war to listen out for approaching Zeppelins that bombed the North East coast. Their large concrete dishes would reflect the sounds of a Zeppelin’s engines, and amplify them so that an operator could hear them coming and give an early warning to people in the towns.   […]

Bob Beagrie: Sonic Psychogeography

“To derive was to notice the way in which certain areas, streets, or buildings resonate with states of mind, inclinations, and desires, and to seek out reasons for movement other than those for which an environment was designed.” Sadie Plant, The Most Radical Gesture. Bring a pen, a notebook or a digital device to record […]

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