Murmuration presents a wide selection of work from artists and makers from various generations, backgrounds and contexts whose work ranges across drawing, sculpture, film and installation. The exhibition examines the pivotal role birds play as indicators to the health of the environment, reflecting the urgent climate crisis and, through the work of artists and makers, ponders […]

Jacqueline Poncelet: In the Making

Jacqueline Poncelet’s work is characterised by a restless exploration of materials and making that is evident throughout her practice. As an artist she is fascinated by how tastes and fashions play out in the ways that humans dress, decorate living spaces, shape architecture and build infrastructures. Working across diverse media, Poncelet gathers and transforms patterns […]

Ingrid Pollard: There is Light in the Fissures

In partnership with Newcastle University, Ingrid Pollard is English Heritage’s first visual art fellow. For this commission, Pollard has taken inspiration from the historic grounds and buildings. Her works explore the landscape and natural materials which Belsay is made of, and aim to bring the outside in. From a piece of sandstone suspended with ropes […]

Baltic Open Submission 2024

Works exhibited have been selected by a panel including Paul Smith, North East-based musician and lead singer with Maxïmo Park; artist Jasmina Cibic; Leo Fenwick, Strategic Partnerships Director, Fenwick; Niomi Fairweather, Baltic Curator; and Rose McMurray, Baltic Curatorial Assistant. Established artists include Phyllis Christopher, Newcastle-based photographer known for documenting LGBTQ+ sexuality and protest in 1980s/1990s San […]

Laura Lancaster: My Echo, My Shadow

My Echo, My Shadow presents new paintings and drawings made over the last few years, delving into the practice of one of the North East’s most celebrated and accomplished painters. The source of Lancaster’s paintings and drawings are found photographs, slides and cine films of strangers, purchased from online auction sites, flea markets and junk […]

Chris Killip & Graham Smith: Life in The Iron Valley

Life in The Iron Valley displays, for the very first time, a selection of early work prints from two renowned British documentary photographers who worked extensively in Skinningrove: Graham Smith from 1969 to 1975, and Chris Killip from 1981 to 1984. Celebrating the lives and landscapes of this small village, Life in The Iron Valley […]

Lily Senner: Tyneside Dreaming

Senner's process begins by making intuitive, fast sketches of her local surroundings. These small sketches are starting points for her larger works, in which she refines the image into a carefully considered composition. Colour is central to Senner’s work. Her luminous and synthetic colour palette creates a strange tension which is enchanting yet visually jarring. […]

Kirsty Adams: Ceramics Showcase

Adams recently designed a bespoke range for the National Trust's Artisan and Craft Collection. She is a selected member of Design-Nation UK and Society of Designer Craftsmen and has been selected by the Michelangelo Foundation as a Master Artisan for their prestigious and globally renowned Homo Faber Guide. This showcase presents limited edition, one-off and […]

People’s Art

Objects referred to as Popular Art or Folk Art were often beautiful, functional and part of daily life. They reflect our economic and social history and were often remarkably well made, evidenced by their survival for decades or more through constant use. Despite the historic and aesthetic importance of these objects we rarely ask who […]

Oliver Kilbourn: My Life as a Pitman

On special display as part of the Ashington Group 90 programme, the collection forms a comprehensive record of Kilbourn’s 50-year career underground, offering valuable insight into the working environment of a Northumberland coal miner during the mid-20th Century.  

Building: an exhibition under construction

For Building: an exhibition under construction, three installations created during the exhibition explore how the making process can influence and direct design.  Making is treated as a performance, focusing on the process rather than the end result.  Maker spaces in the exhibition provide the public with the chance to take part in constructing their own […]

Owtside 2: Sheida Shekarian and Kotryna Abromaitytė

Owtside is No More Nowt's public micro-gallery, installed outside on the exterior of Community House, its base in Peterlee, set right in the middle of a residential working-class neighbourhood. Sheida Shekarian was born and raised in Iran and now based in Toronto. An illustrator with a passion for expressing the human experience through humour and […]

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