Martin Smith: Kinetic Arboretum

Smith's Kinetic Arboretum, 2018, sees three metal trees respond to the elements with gentle, rhythmical movements, […]

The Bernard Lloyd Collection

This presentation of selected works from the collection continues the theme of internationalism drawing attention to […]

Project Art Works: Residential

An exhibition and collaboration increasing the visibility and presence of neurodivergent artists in contemporary art. Residential […]

Mike Nelson: Hybrid Scripts

Nelson's monumental installations invite the viewer to step into an alternate reality filled with a vast […]

Hassina Khan

Hassina Khan completed her MA in Glass at the University of Sunderland in 2022 and returned […]

Natalie Bamford: Direct Me

Direct Me presents knowledge that Bamford has uncovered about Newcastle by following the spatial directions of […]

Jamie Sinclair: Hjem

Pronounced ‘yem,’ the film’s title means ‘home’ in Pitmatic, a dialect spoken in the coalpits of […]