Walking as Practice, Walking as Pedagogy: Exploring Built Environments with Incursions

2.45 – 5pm

Squires Cinema

‘Walking as practice, walking as pedagogy: exploring built environments with Incursions’ includes a walk around Northumbria University's campus and its surrounding areas to explore public space as a form of pedagogy.

This walk embraces chaos and disruption and hopefully elaborate on Incursions’ practice of ‘socio-geography’ for raising consciousness and developing confidence in the city. The walk (2.45 – 3.45pm) will be followed by a reflective panel discussion (4 – 5pm), moderated by Charles Danby and Kate Liston.

Incursions is a collaborative art, walking, and research project based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne by Archie Smith and Kitty McKay. Incursions attempts to disrupt dominant neoliberal narratives of space and place to co-author new ‘counter-narratives’ for our built environment through psychogeography, social engagement, art making, participatory research, cooking and archiving. Incursions’ group walks form part of a broader project that utilises radio and sound production, filmmaking and writing as both research and practice methods.

Squires Building Northumbria University Sandyford Road Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8SB

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30 November 2023

2.45 – 5pm

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