Things Happen All the Time

Thu – Sat, 11am – 5pm

Preview 13 June, 6 – 9pm


A group exhibition of four artists based across the UK: Ana Milenkovic, Georgia Gendall, Harry Grundy and Oliver Hoffmeister.

In a climate defined by global turmoil, chaos and confusion, each artist asks what it means to cede control — whether through technology, material, belief, or by the removal of the artist’s hand completely.

Ana Milenkovic’s paintings examine how public and cultural figures who represent a society are mythologised in the media – held up as heroes and villains or otherwise dehumanised, and are based upon fragments from press photographs and her own objects and images. Torn out of context, familiar figures and objects can be interpreted according to the viewer’s beliefs and assumptions. Milenkovic is interested in heroisms, in particular those taking our assumed values and principles to extremes, transitioning from the mundane to the extraordinary. 

Georgia Gendall’s practice is rooted in the rural landscape of Cornwall, where she grew up and now lives and works. Gendall uses event structures, sculptures, performance, video and social practice to bring people together. She creates multi-sensory encounters that focus on how the art intervention can draw attention to, subvert, celebrate or disrupt a context to embody queerness and unravelling our preconceptions of the rural as idyll.  

Harry Grundy is a Margate-based artist working in the natural world in a deeply unnatural time. He is interested in how the green touches the grey and how human behaviour stirs the two together. Centring his practice around rural and coastal ecologies, Harry asks the viewer to look closely and critically at our relationship with the phenomenal world.

Oliver Hoffmeister is a painter-printmaker living and working between Newcastle and London. His work focuses on the obscure nature of the imagined image, with particular reference to the artist’s conceived imagery. Pulling influence from the plethora of visual stimuli that we interact with both passively and actively everyday, he allows his subconscious to derive images without a system of hierarchy. Creating art in an act reminiscent of ‘daydreaming’, these images tend to shift and masquerade as something other, whilst remaining self-contained.

44 Wretham Place Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1XU

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Until 6 July 2024


  • Thu 11am – 5pm
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  • Sat 11am – 5pm
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