Theo Harper: The Liminal Guard

10am – 5pm

National Glass Centre

Theo Harper’s work comes from an interaction between clay, 3D scanning, movement tracking and digital fabrication techniques. It takes the form of physical and digital sculpture, installation, film and drawing. In this exhibition Harper shows a selection of his ‘sculptural guardians’ that have been discovered and evolved through his research.

Theo Harper (b.1986, London) is an artist based in Northumberland. Guardian-like and organic, the artefacts that continue to evolve from his processes are defending an age-old battle between the human experience of the inside, and the outside. With clay at the core, his work transforms from primitive origins into far-removed future archaeologies. Harper walks a fine line between beauty and grotesque dismemberment, taking on characters of human-like formations seeming vulnerable to collapse.

He explores making systems, reinventing traditional craft techniques and digital processes, moving into areas not yet discovered. Consequently, Theo’s work travels in various evolutionary directions, manifesting as physical and digital sculpture, installation, film and drawing. Theo explores and asks important questions about traditional and contemporary materials, processes, and landscapes, seeking an understanding of the varied environments we live within. A constant inquiry: the work celebrates uniqueness and risk-taking in making.


Liberty Way Sunderland SR6 0GL

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25 March—14 October 2023


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