Stuart Mel Wilson: Anfroqomorphism

Thu, 10am – 4pm

Preview 9 February, 5 – 7pm

Dead Dog Gallery

Stuart Mel Wilson's work explores the absurd and humorous ways in which we process the world around us.

Stuart Mel Wilson uses subtle reference to philosophical ideas linked to human experience, perception, interpretation, language and the expressive power of art. Through this exhibition, the artist explores the relationship between humans and the natural world; how we project with a human-centric perspective. Wilson playfully constructs narratives around objects and creates myths of perception and interpretation through his distinctive installations. 

Through the creation of immersive environments, Wilson challenges the boundaries of the relationship between art and viewer. By using traditional mark-making techniques and transforming them into installations and sculptural works, Wilson seeks to invite the viewer into a space where they can engage with the artwork in a holistic and sensory manner. This intention aligns with the belief that art has the power to transcend literal language and communicate on a deeper more experiential level. By exploring these concepts Wilson provokes contemplation and invites the viewer to reflect on their own relationship with the world.

Durham Sixth Form Centre Providence Row The Sands Durham DH1 1SG

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Hannah Collier

9 February—7 March 2024

Open only during exhibitions

  • Thu 10am – 4pm
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