Saeborg + Bordello Collective + Liberty Hodes

7 – 10pm

The Auxiliary

An evening of performance firmly rooted in queer perspectives unfolds — from Saeborg's oversized latex pig, via a conversation across time between Bordello Collective and Gordon Matta-Clark, to Liberty Hodes' investigation of the links between demolition, the body and queerness.

Step into Saeborg’s realm as she brings her Pigpen installation to life, accompanied by additional costumed performers and music. Here, an oversized latex pig becomes the focal point as it delivers a litter of humanoid piglets, each eagerly scrambling for sustenance. This immersive exhibition shines a spotlight on the profound predicament of these beings, confined within artificial environments, while evoking poignant reflections on matters of gender and social control. Pigpen treads a shadowy boundary, blurring the lines between playful cosplay, fetishized and sexualised anthropomorphism, and our unsettling connection to the food chain.

Bordello Collective, using their Pier 52 video installation as a backdrop, further their deep-dive investigations into Gordon Matta-Clark’s work with live activations. This edition follows their latest performance at the Epsilon Spires art centre in Brattleboro, Vermont.

Liberty Hodes Things with lyrics that may be true reflects on the presence of demolition and regeneration in the north east, and explores the links between demolition, the body and queerness. This work has developed from a series of performance and performance-to-camera works called ‘demolition bodies’, which involves the destruction of varied scale cardboard replicas of the North East.

Part of Middlesbrough Art Week 2023.

31 Station Street Middlesbrough TS1 1SR

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6 October 2023

7 – 10pm


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