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Outside Our View

Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm

Opening event 21 March, 3.30 – 5.30pm

High Bridge Works

An open exhibition raising awareness and support for the people enduring the ongoing catastrophic warfare in Gaza, and the people of Palestine.

Outside Our View, curated by Rachel Eleanor Brook, aims to serve as a platform for artistic expression, emphasising the importance of continued attention and compassion for those at the centre of this crisis, creating a space where diverse voices come together to amplify the call for solidarity.

Artists of all levels of experience have been invited to contribute artworks to the exhibition which act as a fundraiser for the charity Medical Aid for Palestinians. With work by Soha Hannouneh, Alice Card-Hall, Jody Bigfoot, Alia Gargum, Samantha Goodlet, Jay Halim, James Hutchinson, Sarah Khan, Peter Kellett, Chris Leedham, Nat Loftus, Mills Rowe, Marga RH, Sadia Sikandar,  Christin Sauer, Filiz Sustam-Oylum and Theresa Poulton. Curated by Rachel Eleanor Brook.

Donations can be made to the exhibition’s crowdfunder here. Family open day: 2 April, 1 – 4 pm

The exhibition is closed on bank holidays 29 March and 1 April




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