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One Day You’ll Be Older Too

Tue, 1 – 9pm; Wed, 9am – 5pm; Thu, 9am – 9pm; Fri – Sat, 9am – 4pm

Arts Centre Washington

A series of intricately-drawn pencil portraits of residents living in Washington care homes by artist Andrew Tift.

These sensitive images capture a moment in time and celebrate the lives of some of Sunderland’s older residents. 

This exhibition was previously shown at Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens to accompany the exhibition Leonardo da Vinci: A Life in Drawing.

‘I wanted to interpret the residents very much as individuals and depict them in the most intimate and sensitive way that I could. Texture of skin, bone structure, expression, mood, scars, hands, hair, eyes, clothes depicted in microscopic detail as we try to unravel that person’s identity and experience which is so ingrained within their face. The project has a sense of capturing the sitters before everything is lost and disappears with only traces of their existence left behind. Their memories, experience, stories, wisdom, opinions, thoughts and knowledge all of a sudden will vanish. The physical, the spiritual, the tangible and the intangible.’ —Andrew Tift