Northumbrian Assemblages

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Launch event 4 May, 6 – 8pm

RePUBlic Gallery

A fragmentary investigation into the distinctive built character of the North East presented through a series of sketches, photographs, models and architectural designs by Northern Bureau for Architecture practice director Dr James Longfield.

James Longfield’s work, and that of the practice more broadly, takes inspiration from the overlapping and clashing of buildings and land-uses that occur across the Northumbrian region. Neither conventionally ‘wild’ nor heavily urbanised, this semi-rural landscape instead offers a fascinating context of layered spaces, with recreation and productivity intersecting, architecture and bike sheds rubbing elbows with irreverent results.

Northumbrian Assemblages is structured around a cyclical methodology of practice – the ongoing actions of observing, imagining and making – to give viewers a glimpse into the process behind the production of the work of the practice. Researching, teaching and writing about architecture is central to the approach of the practice, providing a reflective operation where successive projects form a cyclical process of learning and action. Situating work in a wider context and history of architectural practice enables knowledge enrichment and contributes to a contemporary culture of idea sharing and innovation.

The exhibition extends this spirit of investigation, and it is hoped that these questions of place and distinctiveness will catalyse discussion and critique, with viewers taking personal positions on the specific character and future of architectural production across the North East.

The Kings Head 85 Bridge Street Blyth NE24 3AE

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Until 8 June 2024


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