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The NewBridge Project

Evolving from the project MOTHEROTHER, this exhibition explores the relationship that artist mothers have with themselves, their children, society, politics and the art world.

The exhibition offers a variety of perspectives on the parenting experience of artists attempting to navigate their caregiving roles within systems which often overlook, exclude, censor, minimise or legislate their experience. The selected works are an invitation to contemplate motherhood and mothering (a non-gendered verb) in all its forms, and the mental, physical and societal implications of this state. Each artist’s work attests to a conscience tweaking truth about the nature of care and the role of mother.

In Motherother, Sarah Maple stabs at the ‘gender reveal’ while balancing the proposition of artist/mother. Katie Cuddon reflects upon the intimacy of biologically entwined bodies and the tactile nature of infant care, almost to the point of overwhelming; while Sara Qaed questions our complicity in genocide. Kate Sweeney, as listener and teller of deeply personal stories captures joy and tragedy in parenting pathways. Kübra Müjde’s barefoot mother cradles her child against the winter night, and Lauren McLaughlin tells it how it is via ‘moan-ifesto’ and twisted coat hanger. Hannah Cooke, meanwhile, is defiant in the face of artworld bullshit about great art and the maternal.

Motherother is a response to some of the themes explored during the course of the MOTHEROTHER project, which launched in January 2023 as a supportive network for artist parents and carers. 

‘The radical potential of ‘mother’ comes after the ‘m’. It is the space that the ‘other’ takes in our mouths when we say it…We are something else.’ —Alexis Pauline Gumbs, M/Other Ourselves: A Black Queer Feminist Genealogy for Radical Mothering, 2016

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