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Matilda Sutton: Dissolution

Wed – Sat, 12 – 5pm


Matilda Sutton works between painting, drawing, sculpture and textiles. Her practice is a form of storytelling through image and object. Drawing from posthumanist and feminist philosophies, myth, literary and historical narratives, but also from being a creature, her inquiry is into how we categorise our world.

Drawing from research into aspects of human culture such as washing, grooming and hygiene practices, clothing and textile production, these histories and related myth and folklore are interwoven with the personal and intimate. Ideas of cleanliness, purity, and ritual meet memories of physicality, religion, gender and sexuality. Comprising paintings on paper, cloth articles and sculptural objects, Sutton’s creatures begin to don garments, shapeshift and engage with other beings. Objects and hangings wrought in cloth, clay and papier-mâché coexist, as if belongings, pets or artefacts.

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