Luke McTaggart: Drawing From Art History

11.30am – 3.30pm

Friends of the Hatton

A talk and workshop for painters by Northumberland-based artist Luke McTaggart.  

In a pre-workshop talk, Luke McTaggart focuses on his background, influences and his relationship to place and landscape. Luke has a great love for art history and thinks that a huge part of progressing as a painter is involved in the study of past works of art. Here, he speaks about his love of mid-to-late 19th and early 20th century French painting, and about the work of British painters to whom he feels a connection.

The workshop which follows offers participants a chance to look at historical paintings of the region and further afield. With a focus on drawing from art history, both in a literal and figurative sense, and taking a lead from painters including JMW Turner, and his own images of Northumberland, Luke considers the study, drawing and reuse of these works.

Workshop participants are invited to work from their own source material and begin to apply some of the different things learned to their own interests in order to form a deeper understanding of how to look at and analyse paintings and how to try and construct better paintings.

Charcoal and paper will be provided but participants should to bring the following:
Source materials, i.e. photographs, sketches, books or postcards to be used in the last part of the workshop.
Paints, brushes and paper, canvas, board or similar.
Alternative drawing materials: Luke prefers to work with charcoal, and this is the medium he will be demonstrating. If you prefer to use graphite or ink please bring it with you.

Please contact to book.


c/o Hatton Gallery Newcastle University King's Road Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU

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27 January 2024

11.30am – 3.30pm

£22 (non-members); £17 (members)

  • Level access once inside
  • Lifts to all areas
  • Accessible toilets
  • Baby changing facilities
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