Lily Senner: Tyneside Dreaming

Wed – Sun, 10am – 6pm

Preview 15 March, 6 – 11pm

A new work for Baltic's lightbox by Lily Senner, whose paintings of otherworldly landscapes are created through memory and imagination.

Senner’s process begins by making intuitive, fast sketches of her local surroundings. These small sketches are starting points for her larger works, in which she refines the image into a carefully considered composition. Colour is central to Senner’s work. Her luminous and synthetic colour palette creates a strange tension which is enchanting yet visually jarring.

Senner is interested in connecting the future with the past. Through her painting, she questions what our legacy will be on our surrounding environments, while simultaneously combining her landscapes with images from her childhood growing up in South London.

Lily Senner was selected from Baltic’s open submission to create a new commission for the lightbox. Tyneside Dreaming celebrates areas in and around Newcastle and North Tyneside where she lives. This commission is part of Baltic Open Submission 2024. in which Senner’s selected artwork, Heaton Park Road/Vale House (2023) also features.

Baltic’s lightbox is on the right-hand wall of its main foyer.

Until 1 September 2024

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