Lesley Hicks: Between Here and There

Tue – Fri, 10am – 4pm

Preview 23 May, 6pm

Platform A Gallery

'Between Here and There' showcases the work of Lesley Hicks, presenting a juxtaposing creative process via drawing and performance within a collaboration between the artist, a human female, and non-human web cameras.

Initiated by an encounter with a road traffic website that monitors the conditions of roads country-wide in Iceland, the project began with a series of drawn responses to grainy roadside imagery and has since developed into the artist involving her own body in the Icelandic landscape. Reflecting on the constructions of subjectiveness, in relation to contrasting experiences of landscape, which draw upon conditions of detachment, embodiment and sexual difference, moving towards a renewed understanding of what it is to look at, and represent, images of landscape now.

The works in this exhibition explore different experiences, and concepts, of landscape. Landscapes can be described ‘objectively’, as made up of physical phenomena, like soil, rocks, streams, mountains, lakes, plants and trees, forms that create a terrain which we can move within and inhabit. At the same time, landscapes can be viewed and interpreted very differently — as a construct of our perception, preconceptions, imagination, as something subjective, that fixes all those physical phenomena into ‘a way of seeing’.

Our experiences of landscape can also be contrasted in terms of separation versus involvement — between the far away, the disembodied gaze, and alternative approaches which emphasise immersion within landscape spaces, with the near, with participation. In contemporary experiences of landscape, the emergence of the internet, of global frameworks of electronic connectivity, can be seen to have shifted and reframed all of these tensions. This project, in its entirety, reflects on these shifts, juxtaposing different approaches to proximity and remoteness, exploring actions and processes undertaken in the form of making artworks which respond to diverse experiences of landscape.


Former Parcel Store & Fish Quay Middlesbrough Train Station Middlesbrough TS1 1EG

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Until 5 July 2024

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