Institutional Fieldworking: Workshop and Alternative Data Analysis (ADA) Roundtable

6 – 8pm

Experimental Studio

A special event bringing artistic research together with multi-disciplinary environmental science research (modern and palaeoenvironments, climate modelling, forensic, anthropology, archaeology and taphonomy).

It is unsurprising that in an age of ecological and social precarity there has been an increased awareness of the significance of interdisciplinary integration within academic research. Diverse collaborations and productive exchanges between multiple backgrounds and fields of research are not only addressing common concerns but collectively exploring alternative methods and approaches. For decades conversations between art and other disciplines have developed into formulated interdisciplinary engagements. Similarly, the disciplines of environmental and forensic science are inseparable from interdisciplinary research; recognising the value of multiple perspectives and practices to not only confront critical environmental and climate issues but for new knowledge making and understanding. But what are the approaches that artists have adopted to transfer their practices into an interdisciplinary knowledge-producing milieu and how might a convergence between two inherently interdisciplinary fields – environmental science and artistic practice – afford greater interdisciplinary understandings in relation to ecological thinking?

This roundtable is open to all. A separate series of workshops (9am – 5pm) are aimed at postgraduate and post-doctoral students/researchers with an interest in practice-based research methods.


Part of Institutional Fieldworking: CNoS @10, a three-week series of exhibitions and events celebrating the tenth anniversary of Northumbria University’s Cultural Negotiation of Science Research Group (CNoS). The programme shares and tests the group’s commitment to supporting innovative, practice-based methods to negotiate and re-vision the relationships between scientific and artistic research in ways that both unsettle and connect. Institutional Fieldworking proposes CNoS’ parent institution, Northumbria University, as the ‘field’ in which to perform and make manifest examples of critical cross-disciplinary research and practice via six ‘strands’ of activity that embody the authenticity of what it is to work together.

Northumbria University 2 Sandyford Road Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8SB

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23 November 2023

6 – 8pm

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