Hazel Brill: Pincer

Tue – Sat, 12 – 6pm

Preview 22 September, 5 – 8pm

Workplace | Workplace Foundation

A solo exhibition of new works by Newcastle-based artist Hazel Brill.

Inspired by intricate set designs in horror films, dreamlike premonitions about the fate of the protagonists are embedded into the ‘walls’, becoming a doomsday forecast for the inhabitants’ futures. Brill is interested in how gothic horror fiction is used as a device, or an inescapable habitual narrative, to deal with fears around transformative technologies that blur a line between the living and the non-living and offer opportunity for existential threat.

Within this exhibition, a set of recurring images and patterns weave an opaque story around themes of fate, pattern recognition and artificial intelligence, while the sculptures function as fictional ‘breeding beds’ for a series of intertwined, imaginary creatures. These images and patterns are stamped into the clay, embedded in the structures of the installation and rusted onto metal images hung on the wall, with references crossing between the sculptures and video.

Brill works across video, sound, sculpture, puppetry, animation and animatronics, creating theatrical mutimedia installations that attempt to animate the inanimate. She graduated from her Fine Art Media MFA at Slade School of Fine Art in 2017 and is currently in second year of a funded PhD at Newcastle University.

12 Blandford Square Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4HZ

Clare Gomez, Assistant Director

23 September—4 November 2023

  • Tue 12 – 6pm
  • Wed 12 – 6pm
  • Thu 12 – 6pm
  • Fri 12 – 6pm
  • Sat 12 – 6pm
  • Level access
  • Baby changing facilities
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