Hassina Khan

10am – 5pm

National Glass Centre

Winner of the Glass Society Prize 2023, Hassina uses glass to express English words written in Urdu text, mimicking her experience as a bi-racial, British-Pakistani person.

Hassina Khan completed her MA in Glass at the University of Sunderland in 2022 and returned to work with the National Glass Centre in 2023, taking part in a residency kindly funded by the Glass Society. Hassina’s new work Hybridity. Do not ask has been acquired by National Glass Centre adding to the international remit of our collection.

Hassina specialises in kiln-formed glass, using both fusing and slumping techniques to create vessels and objects that enrich homes and spaces whilst inviting the viewer to think about the world differently. The starting point of her work is words: fragments of text or short poems which form the objects or are embedded within them. Her current work concerns issues of identity, and explores her experiences of straddling different cultures and the challenges of navigating in-between-ness. The fragments of text are written using transliteration: English words in Urdu characters, a hybrid of languages which mimics her background.

Liberty Way Sunderland SR6 0GL

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5 October 2023—10 March 2024


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