Focus: Emma Cutting

Mon – Thu, 10am – 4pm; Fri – Sat, 10am – 10pm; Sun, 10am – 2pm

Preview 22 March, 6 – 8pm

Otto Sunderland

A series of exhibitions focusing on women working-class artists from the North East of England.

The first exhibition in Pink-Collar Gallery’s ‘Focus’ series features the work of Emma Cutting.

A 2018 study Panic! Social Class, Taste and Inequalities in the Creative Industries collected almost 300 hours of interviews with creative professionals collected following a national survey. The percentage of people working in publishing with working-class origins was 12.6%. In film, TV and radio it was 12.4%, and in music, performing and visual arts, 18.2%. As of 2023, the Analysis of Office for National Statistics data found that only 7.9% are from a working-class background.

Combined with gendered inequalities in paid work and unpaid care work of women working in the arts, this global challenge seriously impacts the lives, health and opportunities of individuals, families and communities worldwide every day. Women everywhere fare worse than men in terms of earnings and professional status. Much of this inequality in paid work is intricately linked to women’s unequal unpaid care responsibilities, which remain under-recognised and undervalued, even after the COVID-19 pandemic.

This series of exhibitions – every six weeks – explores the issues of working-class women working in the arts through online conversations and a celebration of their work.


29 Stockton Road Sunderland SR2 7AQ

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Michaela Wetherell

21 March—1 May 2024

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