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Fabienne Hess: A Weave has a Collaborative Structure

Thu – Fri, 10am – 4pm; Sat, 10am – 2pm

Preview 7 March, 5 – 7pm

Gallery North

An exhibition of loosely-woven fabric hangings and feathery silk-strips exploring the communal bonds that hold textiles together.

Through her meticulous process, Fabienne Hess teases threads out of tightly woven silk strips until only a few of the long vertical threads remain — barely enough to support the short horizontal axis. In other works, the unravelled silk threads are then woven into other textiles, such as linen and jute, creating new integrated forms.

A weave has a collaborative structure. Threads mutually support each other, no matter how different they are from each other. Through Hess’ interventions, she softens the weaves, pushing them to their limits. 

“You can’t put pressure onto individual threads anymore without undoing the fabrics. If you want to move these works you must take hold of a critical mass of threads. If you want to see their colours, they need to be bunched up, threads brought into close proximity. These fabrics need their collectivity to be taken care of to maintain their integrity.” — F.H.