School of the Damned: Ephemeral Art, Enduring Collective

3 – 8pm

The Lubber Fiend

An interactive performance which embraces the fleeting nature of non-hierarchical alternative education collectives.

In Ephemeral Art, Enduring Collective, participants from School of the Damned engage in a collaborative creation process that shows how our interactions and contributions can change both the objects in the space and the space itself.

The cobweb has been chosen as a symbol to represent the cycles of growth, decay, and renewal within art collectives. This symbol highlights the importance of recognising time’s impact, fostering development, and accepting impermanence through thoughtful, collaborative, and passionate creation.

The performance takes in sound, storytelling, weaving, writing, drawing, talking, moving, laughing — and maybe even some singing. Please get in touch regarding any extra information and access requirements.


81 Blandford Street Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 3PZ

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8 June 2024

  • Sat 3 – 8pm
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