Ed Webb-Ingall: A Bedroom for Everyone

3 – 5pm

The NewBridge Project

A film screening and workshop exploring grassroots activism and housing injustice with filmmaker Ed Webb-Ingall.

Ed Webb-Ingall introduces his new animation A Bedroom For Everyone made from 2019 to 2023 with housing activists across the UK, illustrator Sofia Niazi, and animator Astrid Goldsmith. The screening will be followed by a practical workshop on how to plan a housing campaign.


A Bedroom for Everyone is intended as a resource for anyone interested in housing struggles and, at The NewBridge Project, will be used as a springboard for a series of workshops on housing activism in the North East, with local community organisers Elgan John (Food and Solidarity) and Safiah Fardin. These workshops form part of The NewBridge Project’s For Solidarity programme.


Please indicate if you will be attending by emailing hannah@thenewbridgeproject.com


A Bedroom for Everyone
Ed Webb-Ingall, UK, 2019 – 2023, 15′


A Bedroom for Everyone is part of a long-term research project with Ed Webb-Ingall and Grand Union Gallery, Birmingham and is rooted in the idea that art can be a tool for social change, but only when embedded within communities, with and for them.


Drawing upon research and time spent with housing activist groups across the UK, this project looks at responses and methods to build resilience, resistance and solidarity to the social and economic crisis around housing injustice in this country. Asking what the role of filmmaking is in response to the crisis, the project explores the power of grassroots activism and organising in the face of this ongoing emergency; whilst making space for the camaraderie that unfolds in the community centres and meeting halls where this work takes place.


Ed Webb-Ingall is a filmmaker and researcher working with archival materials and methodologies drawn from community video. He collaborates with groups to explore under-represented historical moments and their relationship to contemporary life, developing modes of self-representation specific to the subject or the experiences of the participants.

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20 January 2024


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