Coastal SoundLab: Sunderland

10am – 4pm

Fulwell Windmill

Coastal SoundLab: Sunderland launches artist Rob Smith's new work with a week of free events and workshops to explore sound in a changing landscape.

Fulwell Sound Mirror was constructed during the first world war to listen out for approaching Zeppelins that bombed the North East coast. Their large concrete dishes would reflect the sounds of a Zeppelin’s engines, and amplify them so that an operator could hear them coming and give an early warning to people in the towns.  

The Coastal SoundLab activities and events invite you to revisit these sound mirror sites. Through collecting environmental sounds, we ask how our environment is changing, what signals can we hear with the technologies we have now, and how these places are still active within the coastal environment of the North East today. 

Come and take part in guided sound walks to the sound mirror, share stories of local history, hear the landscape in new ways and record sounds that can contribute to an artwork in the Fulwell Windmill Visitor Centre.


Newcastle Road Sunderland SR5 1QD

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15—19 June 2024

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