Lucy Waters: Close to Home

9am – 4pm

No More Nowt

Close to Home is an exhibition and workshop series by artist Lucy Waters centred around ideas of home, place and the context surrounding how we live in modern Britain.

Close to Home features a collection of over 40 pieces of tableware by artist Lucy Waters, alongside a selection of works from participants who attended linked workshops. These hand painted, readymade ceramic pieces are a playful, out-of-kilter nod to traditional blue tableware. These ceramics often feature Lucy Waters’ family home and the street that she lives on in Newcastle as a recurring motif.

Waters’ practice involves examining the socio-economic landscape of the North East and making work in response to these findings. She employs the use of text throughout her work in order to scoff at, make reference to, and highlight the ludicrousness of such socio-politically derived language. The text is often lifted from lengthier extracts, commonly used phrases or taken from particular quotes and statistics.

Although approached through a geographically-specific lens, the significance of the concept and message as a whole can be applied in a much broader sense, resonating greatly with the climate we currently find ourselves living within.


Community House Yoden Road Peterlee SR8 5DP

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Ellen Ranson, Programme Co-ordinator

30 November 2023—18 January 2024

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