Bus Stop

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Queen’s Hall Arts Centre

Bus Stop is an art project by Julie Livsey in which a series of small sculptures are taken on a bus ride between Carlisle and Newcastle.

Julie Livsey is an artist based in Northumberland with a practice that spans over fifty years. Her practice is predominately sculptural with concerns centred on the natural world and with water in particular.

Initially, Bus Stop was inspired by a wildfire that devastated large areas of gorse at the Newburn Willows in the hot summer of 2022. This was the spark that created a flame of interest.

Contorted, blackened remains of gorse were gathered and sculptural possibilities were explored. From this, a number of small works emerged in the studio. The aim was to develop a series of
responses that were visually versatile, had no right way up, and were capable of engaging with a wide variety of positions, whether in cities, towns or countryside.

A plan arose. There would be sixteen bus journeys over a period of 12 months. The bus rides were determined by the stops highlighted in the timetable of the Stagecoach 685 bus service. Each stop was a starting point for a 3 hour exploration of unknown surroundings. The experience gained during these walks influenced the development of the sculptures in unforeseen ways. Eventually all sixteen bus stops were visited. The end result is a collection of work that links West to East.

The exhibition comprises all sculptures made as part of the project and a film of the work in situ.

Beaumont Street Hexham NE46 3LS

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12 January—9 March 2024

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