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Building: an exhibition under construction

10am – 5pm

Farrell Centre

Building is an exhibition that explores and celebrates the process of constructing architecture, putting the skills and expertise of the maker on display within Farrell Centre's exhibition spaces.

Two installations created during the exhibition explore how the making process can influence and direct design.  Alongside these installations,  the public are invited to take part in constructing their own creations within drop in activities or organised workshops in special maker spaces.

Most exhibitions launch after the show has been built and work has been presented. But here installations are fabricated one by one, while the galleries are open, treating making as a performance and focussing on process rather than the end result.  Even parts of the exhibition process that would normally be unseen will be made public, with elements like graphic design being developed and presented during the show.

The exhibition draws from the results of a research project, TF/TK, based at Newcastle University in collaboration with scholars in Brazil, which has been translating the work of Sergio Ferro, a Brazilian born architect who has critiqued the notion of separating design from build, a process that emerged from medieval period onwards.