Botanical walk and drawing workshop

Wed, 11am – 3pm

Killhope Lead Mining Museum

Join Carole McCourt on this guided walk around Killhope Lead Mining Museum's site to discover some of the rare and wonderful botanicals in the area.

This unique botanical site is determined by the geological landscape underpinned by the Great Limestone and the minerals it contains along with the high altitude of the North Pennines. Plants here need to be hardy and have special properties to grow and survive the elements and tolerate the metal minerals in the earth, including lead.

In the surrounding landscape there are a multitude of wild flowers, grasses and lichen, including some rare lead tolerant plants called metallophytes. Spring Sandwort (leadwort), Pyrenean Scurvy Grass, Alpine Pennycress and Wild Mountain Pansies are all metallophytes and can all be found on site in abundance late June/early July.

The event will start with a short presentation in the museum’s yurt, followed by an easy ramble around the site for about an hour and a half, before returning to the yurt for lunch and the workshop. All art materials provided.

Please bring your own lunch and wear suitable attire for all weather outdoors.

Carole McCourt is an artist interested in ‘noticing the unnoticed’ with walking and drawing at the core of her practice. Carole forensically researches the environs of remote areas and looks at how the physical and emotional surroundings such as geology, botany and ecology can contribute to making the stories and histories of a place accessible. The results are often multi-media installations which can include drawing, printmaking, digital and found objects.

This event is part of the CONNECT project supported by Newcastle University Business School. 

Cowshill Bishop Auckland DL13 1AR

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12 June 2024

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  • Wed 11am – 3pm
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