Billy Clark and Tony Williams: Pragmatic Stylistics and Creative Practice

2.45 – 3.45pm

Northumbria University

A session aimed at writers, researchers and anyone interested in language and communication investigating how pragmatic stylistics might help us think about creative practice.

Pragmatic stylistics has tended to focus on the experiences of readers, but we are interested in how it can help us understand the experiences of writers and practitioners. In this session we aim to spark a conversation to explore creativity by asking you to reflect on your experience: do you make deliberate choices? Do you work by ‘feel’ or intuition? When and why do you give reasons for your creative decisions? 

Squires Building 5.01 Sandyford Road Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8SB

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8 May 2024


  • Wed 2.45 – 3.45pm
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