Bethany Stead: Snatch a Thread

Wed – Sun, 11am – 5pm 

Preview 16 August, 6 – 8pm

Moving Gallery

Working predominantly between drawing, painting, sculpture, and textiles, in 'Snatch a Thread', Bethany Stead draws upon allegory, iconography, feminist theory, psychology, science fiction and folklore through visual storytelling and object making.

The title Snatch a Thread refers to an old Northern superstition: snatch a thread from the garment of another and it will bring good news. Interested in the history and industry of materials associated with class, gender and sexuality, Stead uses clay, paper, needle and wood to make symbolic spaces that disrupt our fragile and entangled socio-political fabric.

Her new body of work is an examination of our more-than-human interconnectedness, bringing together ideas around technological horror and sinfulness explored in Mary Midgley’s Wickedness (2001) and ecology and intra-action in James Bridle’s Ways of Being (2022). Paintings and sculptures depict hair, veins, roots, threads, and wires, surrounding scenes and characters that emerge from underworlds, undergrowth, and underbellies.


27 Fawcett Street Sunniside Sunderland SR1 1RE

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17—30 August 2024

  • Thu 12 – 5pm
  • Fri 12 – 5pm
  • Sat 12 – 5pm
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