Atom: Sonic Bus Stories

11am, 2pm, 5pm 

MIMA Car Park

Sonic Arts Week 2024

Board the sonic bus that will take you around Middlesbrough as you listen to the stories of people’s memories of bus journeys they can no longer take but remember so well.

Artist duo ATOM (Alisa Oleva and Timothy Maxymenko) have been listening to and collecting stories of people who live in Middlesbrough now and have moved here from other countries, near and far. They asked: what is the bus journey back in your home country you used to take often and remember really well? Can you describe it as if you were taking it right now?

Embark on the collective bus journey, audience members are given radio-headphones. The audio combines those stories of far away places you might never have been to, told by the people who are now your locals, mixed with the soundscapes of those places as well as of the regular bus routes operating in Middlesbrough. The voice of the narrator will invite you to drift between the near and far, what you see out of the window and all the landscapes and personal memories of far away lands.

102 Grange Road Middlesbrough TS1 2BH

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22—23 June 2024

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