Advice Bar

12 – 2pm

Gallery North

Advice Bar is an action research project running on Thursday and Friday lunchtimes which is based around informal knowledge and advice through one-to-one engagement with a stranger, at the familiar interface of a bar-like structure.

There are simple rules: one drink in exchange for one problem; no money changes hands. Sessions will engage with a range of aspects of academic life from Research Rejection to Interdisciplinary Indiscipline; the bar is open to all as either advisor or advisee.

Part of Institutional Fieldworking: CNoS @10, a three-week series of exhibitions and events celebrating the tenth anniversary of Northumbria University’s Cultural Negotiation of Science Research Group (CNoS). The programme shares and tests the group’s commitment to supporting innovative, practice-based methods to negotiate and re-vision the relationships between scientific and artistic research in ways that both unsettle and connect. Institutional Fieldworking proposes CNoS’ parent institution, Northumbria University, as the ‘field’ in which to perform and make manifest examples of critical cross-disciplinary research and practice via six ‘strands’ of activity that embody the authenticity of what it is to work together.

Sandyford Building Northumbria University Sandyford Road Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8QE

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16 November 2023

12 – 2pm

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