Tom O’Sullivan

Newcastle & Gateshead

Tom O’Sullivan is an artist and lecturer who lives in the West End of Newcastle upon Tyne. He has a long-term collaborative practice with the artist Joanne Tatham.

Tom and Joanne’s work appears in numerous forms but often involves large-scale sculptural interventions in both galleries and the civic realm.

A key interest of their collaboration is how contemporary art makes meanings, and they have developed a particular grammar of motifs and patterns (often repeated and reconfigured from project to project) as a way to explore this. These artworks are often provocative and sometimes satirical. Writing is also key to the practice, either positioned in relation to objects and performances or as stand-alone artworks.

Tom is also involved in other collaborations and has a wider interest in the possibilities of artwork produced in this way. This includes work with the artist Lesley Guy and with the Northumbria University collaborative group, Neuschloss.


Skills & Experience

  • Visiting lecturer (HE)
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