Sue Loughlin

Newcastle & Gateshead

I am a visual artist based at The NewBridge Project in Newcastle. My practice is rooted in installation, sculpture and painting, and encompasses education, social engagement, collaboration, and arts production.

My work is motivated by the shifting political, ideological and socio-economic climate, ideas of the Anthropocene and the potential outcomes of our current human trajectory as viewed through the lens of a mother of two.

Through my practice, I invite contemplation of the systemic failings which surround us, and the continuing need to elevate women’s voices and stories. I am interested in issues surrounding women’s labour, particularly relating to motherhood and the mental, physical and societal implications of this state, the ongoing plight of women in the workforce, and the idea of the female body as a soft, fallible, disposable machine. I explore modes of practice which aim to elicit an understanding of the world in order to change it for the better.

My work is informed by alternative approaches to creative education and engaging with families, children and young people is central to my practice.

The NewBridge Project The Shieldfield Centre 4-8 Clarence Walk (off Stoddart Street) Newcastle upon Tyne NE2 1AL

Skills & Experience

  • DBS Checked
  • Project management
  • Technique tuition: painting
  • Technique tuition: ceramics
  • Visiting lecturer (HE)
  • Visiting lecturer (FE)
  • Working with schools (primary)
  • Working with schools (secondary)
  • Workshsops (adult)
  • Workshops (family / general)
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