Seb Trend

Newcastle & Gateshead

My work is defined by a state of physical and metaphoric ‘melt’ against a symbolic and real ‘cracking’ or ‘crazing’, in opposing painterly metaphors.

The process of production incorporates liquifying photographs and the multiple accumulation of layers of impasto paint into reliefs, then creating objects through slip trailing into relief moulds. Painting becomes spatialised, photography becomes painterly, and sculptural ceramics rendered liquefied.

In The Picture of Dorian Gray, time and the painting move: my paintings attempt to recognise and embody this state of flux. The work concerns states of the ‘in-between’: molten and solid, stillness and movement, representation and abstraction, the permanent and momentary. Originating from a starting point of ‘pure painting’, the work currently employs different processes of transcription to reach a place where the work masquerades as paintings using ceramics or other media.


Recent shows include two person show Fake Paintings with Jane Millican, 2021 (36 Gallery); an online group show, Lacuna, 2020 (Slugtown) and solo show Liquid Mud Paintings, 2018 (Slugtown). I have been involved in several artist collectives, including The Hang Gang where I exhibited in and co-curated RIFT, 2014 (BALTIC 39).

As Exhibitions Officer at National Glass Centre I support the curation and installation of all NGC Exhibitions. Selected exhibitions that I have led on include: National Glass Centre Collection, 2023 (NGC Balcony Gallery); supporting the curation of Celebrate Different Collective’s Where There’s Space to Grow, 2022 (Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens); and Peoples Pyrex, 2021 (Arts Centre Washington).

Skills & Experience

  • Project management
  • Technical: exhibition build
  • Workshops (family / general)
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