I am a speculative and trans-disciplinary artist, researcher, and educator, working across multiple media. I conduct my art as a sustainable land practice concerned with world-building, engagement with plants, healing and cosmology.

I practice under the auspices of the Multispecies Visionary Institute (MVI), organism-like phenomenon, which aims to model a new and evolving, nomadic practice as ART –Apparatus for Resurgence in Trophallaxis. This is a space-time specific, niche constructing- thought and practice experiment; a way to re-indigenise to the specific locality and to the planet; playful exercise in creative adaptation, in building a self-sustaining practice, and community for a pluralistic world in crisis.

I graduated with MA from University of Arts in Poznan, Poland and with a practice-based PhD on the Aesthetics of Sustainability and mutimedia visionary scenarios for sustainable futures from Newcastle University.

Skills & Experience

  • Fundraising
  • Project management
  • Technique tuition: painting
  • Technique tuition: ceramics
  • Visiting lecturer (HE)
  • Visiting lecturer (FE)
  • Working with schools (primary)
  • Working with schools (secondary)
  • Workshsops (adult)
  • Workshops (family / general)
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