Lucien Anderson’s (b. 1992, Huddersfield) works are loosely allegorical, sitting as artefacts imbued with a personal narrative. Excited by everydayness, belonging and transience, the evocative forms of houses and boats are recurring motifs.

See-sawing between purpose and whimsy, any implication of function in Anderson’s work is undermined by an arbitrary playfulness. Considering scale, both physical and in terms of ambition, Anderson is interested in the notion of “the endeavour”, pioneers at frontiers, survival, quiet resilience and the myth of the cowboy.

Incorporating quotidian objects and materials, his work is honest and his visual language is muted. Anderson rejects new material, instead he selectively scavenges from what he has around him. Through this, and the honouring of traditional techniques, there is a relinquishment of ego. Anderson accepts and embraces the inherent properties of the material he selects, he gives to it and it to him.

Skills & Experience

  • Technical: exhibition build