Everything we need is in the soil. Paradise is a garden.

In an age of ecological disaster, I believe that we desperately need to reimagine our relationship with the natural systems that sustain us. For me, this means rewilding aspects of our culture, and living in much closer proximity to the sources of our food and material lives.

I grow and collect materials locally to make sculpture and objects that maintain their material vibrancy, whilst expressing my experience of the world. The aim is to create a material culture that is both ecologically sustainable and unique to the region in which it was made.




Selected exhibitions
Counterweight, Newcastle Arts Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne

Cheeseburn Sculpture Gardens, Stamfordham, Newcastle upon Tyne

Curator’s Choice, Leeds Arts University, Leeds

Blinked, The Truman Brewery, London
Graduation Show, Leeds College of Art, Leeds

Two, Wharf Chambers, Leeds

Crime World, The Tetley, Leeds, (performance as a part of ‘non’ collective)

Awards and published writing

The Edwin John Easydorchik Travelling Scholarship

Arts & Heritage, Blue Sky Ideas. A proposal for Durham Cathedral published digitally.

Gillian Dickinson North East Young Sculptor Award

Skills & Experience

  • Technical: exhibition build
  • Technique tuition: ceramics
  • Working with schools (primary)
  • Working with schools (secondary)
  • Workshsops (adult)