Katherine Renton


Katherine Renton grew up in Amble, Northumberland. She graduated in Fine Art from Newcastle University in 1993 and worked as an Art and DT teacher until recently leaving the profession to become a full-time artist, specialising in painting.

An emerging artist based on the North East coast, Renton held her first solo exhibition, ‘KEEP’ at the Bailiffgate Museum and Gallery in 2023. The works featured were created using her own unique watercolour paints that she makes from sea coal, as well as other rock fragments collected from the coastline. She uses her castle motif and medium to explore our evolving relationship with the land, and with each other, examining the role destruction and creation can play in our lives – particularly concerning environmental threats.

Renton curated the exhibition in association with the Northumberland Coast AONB, who are also funding a longer-term community art project, related to ‘KEEP’, that Renton has co-ordinated.

Skills & Experience

  • Working with schools (primary)
  • Working with schools (secondary)
  • Artists talks
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