Evelyn Cromwell

Newcastle & Gateshead

Hello, I’m Evelyn Cromwell and I’m an artist living in the North-East of England where I have a studio in The Newbridge Project. After completing a degree in Glass and Ceramics in 2017, I now enjoy making functional sculpture and experimenting with various materials, with a particular focus on wood and plastic. I'm also one half of a curatorial duo called the Spaghetti Factory.

As the Spaghetti Factory, we take an experimental approach to space through our different projects. The Spaghetti Factory started in a house in central Newcastle in April 2018 as a series of eight solo show (one night only) exhibitions. The project has now expanded across the North East to include guest curation, workshops and collaborative programming. Now we work satellite, alongside other artists, art spaces and universities.

In my studio practice, I embrace the constraints that design offers. For example, a chair has to be sat on. I see my work as props or set pieces for an imagined world. Most of my inspiration comes from everyday objects and things that might be seen as mundane and just a part of life. I like to choose an object and use it as a lens to see the world through. Looking at things that are ubiquitous and questioning how they became that way. I’m interested in how society shapes, is shaped by, and reflected in specific objects.

I hope my work will allow viewers to reflect on the significance of the mundane, acknowledging that the things we use, throw away and create will one day become artefacts of our culture. I contemplate the archaeology of the future, the labour and effort that goes into creating objects that will be studied and interpreted by future generations. In this way, everyday objects become a window into our collective past and present.

Skills & Experience

  • DBS Checked
  • Technical: exhibition build
  • Visiting lecturer (HE)
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