Catherine Bertola

Newcastle & Gateshead

I make site-specific installations, drawings and films that address the invisible histories of women, whose roles and contributions to society are overlooked and undervalued. The work gives voice to untold narratives, excavating the past to confront contemporary inequalities that women continue to face. Giving voice and visibility to those ignored by official accounts has never felt more important.

Rooted in sculpture, materials are central to the work I make, from collected dust to gold thread, salt and wallpaper, chosen for the meaning they bring to the work.

Past work has often been temporary and precarious, with installations disappearing almost as quickly as they were made, this temporality has been an integral part of the work, the circularity of it both responding to history and then in turn becoming history. More recently I have begun working with film, using dancers as a way to feel and explore space, to convey ideas and relationships with domestic space, drawing on my own experiences and frustrations with the lack of value placed upon the hidden labour of domesticity.

Skills & Experience

  • Project management
  • Visiting lecturer (HE)
  • Coaching / mentoring
  • Event planning
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