My practice hinges on describing itself as a metaphor that has found itself operating in between the thin fabric of reality, and the thick concrete of actual exhibiting.

Mediums are anamorphic, and they stalk me across the distance to the moon. My methodology for art making is tuning in to the undercurrents between worlds and writing love stories for two mute computer keyboards. I think of my text art like a parasite in the mind of the reader, greedy and green. It wants to be told more about itself. I’m imagining alien landscapes through imagined sculptures. Sometimes they exist and sometimes they do not, neither is important to the work. My motivations remain somehow translating and retranslating my experiences of non-gender, disability, and queerness until the translation is incomparable to the original text.



Soft core, Self-published artists and writers’ collection contributor (2023)

Exhibition, Norfolk Street arts, Sunderland(2022)

It’s queer up ere’, exhibition, Pineapple Black Middlesbrough (2022)

2:C & 2 : 3, Wetdovetail digital exhibition (2022)

Expanded interiors Re-staged‘ exhibition guide Co-creator as a part of L-INK residency at the Laing Gallery Newcastle (2021).

Who Do You Worship?, digital exhibition, Bowes Museum (2021)

Take Care Zine, digital exhibition (2021)

Opening, exhibition, Teeny Weeny Gallereeny, Northumbria University (2020)

_rubb3r digital residency (2020)

Fresh Start, exhibition, System Gallery Newcastle (2020)

Appropriation, exhibition, Gallery North Project space Northumbria University Newcastle (2019)

Summer Event, exhibition, Hun Northeast Middlesbrough (2019)

REVIVE, pop up exhibition, Newcastle (2019)

Skills & Experience

  • Graphic design
  • Technical: exhibition build
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