Alice Highet

County Durham

I am an artist, researcher and educator, interested in how our experience of time and our attention is altered through technology use.

I work with video, projection, sculpture, and sound to make immersive installations, digital artwork and films. I use my smartphone to record natural phenomena: moments where time seems to slow down. Through this process, I am questioning pervasive, fast technological interaction. My work imagines a multi-sensory technology that allows space for alternative, creative slow states such as meditation and daydream. I am inviting people to pay attention through their bodies.

I was shortlisted for the North East Emerging Artist Award 20222 (National Trust/ Matthew Jarratt). I am currently doing an AHRC funded PhD at Newcastle University, researching embodied technology.


Shortlisted for NE emerging artist award – National Trust and Matthew Jarratt – 2022

Skills & Experience

  • Animation
  • Technical: AV installation
  • Technical: photographic / moving image
  • Technique tuition: moving image
  • Visiting lecturer (HE)
  • Visiting lecturer (FE)
  • Workshsops (adult)
  • Workshops (family / general)
  • Academic Research
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